Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Sound Among the Trees~Book Review

This is a book review for "A Sound Among the Trees" by Susan Meissner.

If the cover of a book has a woman in an antebellum dress on it, the chances of me reading it  are pretty great. I will say though that I was a bit skeptical of this book, when I began reading it. I don't like spooky things & this was about a ghost, Susannah Page, that haunts the halls of Holly Oak. Which was a home that stood through the wages of the Civil War, with a cannon ball still embedded in the wall, as proof of that long ago battle. The cast of characters soon drew me in....Susannah's 80 something, great-granddaughter, Adelaide. She is now the matriarch of Holly Oak. Then there is Marielle Bishop....The new bride that is brought to Holly Oak to live with her new husband Carson, who is the widower of Sara, Adelaide's granddaughter. Can you keep up? The layers of the people in the story are what make it so fascinating. I had no idea how this book would turn out, which I loved. And it was much different than I had expected....Super glad about that, since I didn't want any nightmares. My favorite part of the whole book were Susannah's letters. I could have read an entire book of just those! I fell in love with Susannah. This is a book about love, the struggle of the hardships life throws our way & the redemptive power of forgiveness.I have never read a book written by Susan Meissner, but this surely will not be the last. I enjoyed her style of writing immensely.


  1. I've seen a lot of good things on this book. Great review! :O)

  2. You read a book with ghosts??? Now there is a surprise! lol.


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