Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pajama Dance Night

Last night I met up with Stacey over at Wendi's house. We have all become a bit obsessed with "Just Dance 3". We thought we might as well be comfy so we wore our PJ's & had some Little Caesars pizza. I also took my vast array of nailpolish. It was just a fun casual night with no real plans. We talked, laughed, ate, painted nails, went to Ulta & Barnes & Noble in our PJ's, rode with the top down on the car, danced, got hot & sat out in the gazebo while it rained, talked & laughed some more. It was a great night! And I didn't get home until 3:30am. That's the new joke...You can't leave Wendi's until 3am. Haha!

We did have a little adventure...As we were walking from the car into Ulta, I was walking a little ways in front of Stacey & Wendi, when I saw 2 girls come bursting out of the door of the store. They had 2 large purses & were laughing. The alarm was going off. They started running in my direction & I yelled "Did y'all just shoplift?" The one girl said as she was running by "What makes you think we shoplifted!?!" To which I yelled back "Because y'all are running like crazy people, who have!" As they were jumping in the car, the employees of Ulta came to the door & began yelling for us to get their tag number. It all happened so fast, we couldn't see the tag. But they were in a white newer Toyota. The girls stole tons of perfume. I told the police what I saw. The employees said they are not allowed to walk out of the store to get the tag or they would be fired. It's crazy! Stacey & Wendi were cracking up & shocked at me for confronting those girls. I was mad I didn't have a chance to stop them. :/ Stacey said I need to be a private investigator, since I always seem to see things. Hahaha! Man.....I would LOVE that job. If I could go back in time, I would totally  make that my career.

And I didn't take any pictures from the entire night! What is wrong with me?


  1. You should have totally told you tackled them, handcuffed them, and saved the day! Then, been like "Sike!"


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