Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years Eve 2011

This year we went over to my good buddy Stacey's house.
We ate & hung out for awhile. I went to the restroom & when I came out the girls were missing. I found them locked in the master bathroom, when I opened the door this is how I found them. Hahahaha! Hiding from the kids, I'm guessing.

 Getting puppy kisses from LuLu.
 Puppy fever has officially set in.
 Stacey & her hubby Matt
 Wendi & her daughter Marissa
 Me, Chris & her baby Jax.

 We were cover in ashes. Haha!
 D will not hold a baby, but when Matt saw him pushing Riley around he said "Baby step, Daniel."

Just call me "The Nanny."

 Mason was/is soooooo cute!

 The fellas

 My new hat & scarf my talented Mom made. I adore it so!

 Look at little Mason! Aaaaahhhhh! Squoosh!

 Us girlies

 Chris & her hubs Marty

 Matt is doing my signature "Crystal pose." Gosh, I get ragged about that all the time! I don't care though. It's me. Hahaha!
Awe.....Puppy love.

If the rest of this 2012 is as full of love, laughter & good times as New Years Eve was....Then it's gonna be one fabulous year!

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