Sunday, January 15, 2012

Craft/Dance Night

Friday we had a craft night at Wendi's to make some things for Chris' baby Jax's first birthday party. Stacey brought her Cricut & while she cut things out, Chris glued things together. Wendi & I looked at
 her souvenirs from when she went to the Royal Wedding! Yes! She was one of those people that stood outside in the massive crowd. I would have too, if I had had the chance. Plus I played with the puppy LuLu. And the other doggies Sophie & Twinkie. And the cat Jasper. And the bird Pippa. :)

I really want one!

 Stacey "Cricuting".
 Chris giving me a dirty look.

Wendi with her wittle "w".

After crafting, we danced to "Just Dance" on the wii. I have never done this before & LOVED it! I need a wii! I didn't get home until after 3am. It was a such a fun night!

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