Sunday, December 18, 2011

White Christmas

Last year, Leland invited us to go see "White Christmas" at The Alabama Theatre, after he discovered I share his love of the most amazing Christmas movie ever! :)  Leland has gone to see "White Christmas" there for the last 20 years. But for us it is our new tradition. And one I truly look forward to all year. There is nothing like seeing this classic film in that gorgeous theatre. And even more special when you are watching it with someone who gets just as giddy as you throughout the film.

 Before meeting Leedles. :)
 I have always loved seeing this building all lit up at Christmas.

 I can never get a good photo of this HUGE tree. :/
 Me & my boys.

 This makes me laugh! Leland is doing "The Razzy" & D...Well....

 The whole place was laughing during the singalong of this one.
 Ahhhhhh! Be still my ♥

 I need this poster.

I don't know about him.

On one of my trips to the bathroom in the basement, a young girl, maybe 11-12 stopped me & said she loved my pink sparkly headband. I told her thank you, that I love sparkly things. She said she does too & that she has a pair of sparkly hightops she wears to school, but is made fun of, because people tell her she wears them too much. I told her she just needs to tell them that you can never wear sparkles too much. She grinned so big. As I made my way back up the 3 flights of stairs I just chuckled to myself as I thought "A 35 year old woman was just complimented by a little girl for her sparkly pink hairbow!" Hahahaha!

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