Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My 35th Birthday

Leland & I have been talking about going to Garden Ridge to check out their Christmas decor stuff for ages. He happened to be on vacation on my birthday, so we planned to go then. D was going to go too, but had to work for part of the day. So it was Leedles & I on our adventure. 

The day began with him picking me up at Mom's. She had made a present for him.

He brought her "Banana bread".

For those privy to Mom's "lipstick story" you will understand why Mom made Leland a lipstick. Hahaha!

I gave him his late bday gift. This is tie-dye wrapping paper from about 13-14 years. I used it for a bulletin board back when I was a daycare teacher.

Twins! ;)

From Mom's we went to a store to see if they had cookies he used to buy for his Daddy (they didn't), then we went to a thrift store. I wanted to check on some ties. That place is nicer & cheaper than thrift store, close to my house. From there we went to Garden Ridge, where most of there Christmas stuff was picked over. :( And it was like that everywhere! 

Me with my "NeNe Leakes" earrings...aka Christmas ornaments. There were some chicks about my age or younger that saw me doing this & gave me the "You are an idiot" look. But really? What is odd about adult posing for goofy pictures inside a store? Haha!

We then went to an antique place called "Urban Suburban", to look at his friends Joan Crawford collection that he is selling. I LOVE those kinda places. I did a little Christmas shopping there.
We then headed to the mall, but we came through downtown. I have never entered downtown from the North side, so I was turned around & so was Leland. We finally made our way to the interstate & to the mall. We were meeting D, but D wasn't there yet, so we went to the Christmas Tree Shop. Booooo hiss!!!! They didn't have hardly ANY Christmas anything! How do you name a store that & not have Christmas stuff? He had never been to World Market, so we went in there. Another one of the stores I enjoy.

Leland was reenacting this photo taken on Black Friday....

We met up with D at the mall.
Deedles & Leedles

We went to the Christmas ornament store & to the calendar store. Was disappointed they didn't have any Lucy ornaments...But they had "Jersey Shore" ones? Yuck!

We don't have a Costco card anymore, so Leland took us over & we got D some of his favorite chocolate muffins. And we walked around, getting the samples to give to D to eat. :)

Leland dropped us off at our car, then we went to Target (D bought me the newest Adele cd) & Kohl's. I mainly just went to see their Christmas stuff. I have to see it all every year if I can. But it of course was all picked over. Then to Hobby Lobby for a few more craft supplies. I was shocked when we went in there! They have condensed the Christmas stuff & are bringing out the next season. I guess I'm just in denial Christmas is NEXT WEEK!

After we left Hobby Lobby, we got us each a cupcake at Gigi's.  I got the "Scarlett's Red Velvet" & D got the "Bourbon Ball". Then went to Walmart. As we were looking for a place to park, we saw Leland unloading his buggy, so we stopped & talked somemore. Instead of going to the movies, I decided I would rather use that $ on something I wanted so I got one of those hair wands. I have been wanting one for a long time. For supper we went to a new Hibachi/sushi/chinese buffet.

When we got home we went & visited Mom & Danny. Mom gave me a sweatshirt robe like one she has. I have been wanting one too! It looks just like a hoodie sweatshirt, but it goes to your ankles. I was super excited!

Making a wish!
My Lucy ornament. ♥ her!

It was one of the best birthdays ever!


  1. OH WHAT FUN!!!! The lipstick is amazing!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Vickie, you are so talented!!!! Wish I had gotten some of that talent!!!

  2. Those cupcakes look SOOOOOO good! I'm gonna need to visit Gigi's when I come home...
    What exactly is a hair wand?

  3. Oh, and i LOVE adele...i'm hoping to get her cd for Christmas!

  4. They are A-Mazing cupcakes! You need to check their website before you go, because everyday they have a different selection.

    I'll post what a hand wand is.

    And Adele has one of the best voices ever. She's truly incredible. And gorgeous too!


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