Thursday, December 01, 2011

A "Deer" Friend

I haven't seen any deer up here on the mountain in a long time. Danny sees them all the time. But this afternoon when I saw D stop at the mailbox on his way up the driveway, Razzy & I went out on the back porch. I saw something up on the mountain out of the corner of my eye. I looked up & there stood a sweet doe maybe 25 ft from me. I picked up Razzy so he didn't see her & bark. D drove up & I motioned to him to be quiet, so he didn't scare her. He said she had been right by our driveway when he drove up. We stood out there for about 10 minutes just watching her. She would stop ever so often & just look at us. She was never scared of us either. We watched her until she finally went up behind the cave. I have got to get another salt block out there. I love watching them so much!

Speaking of wild animals, I don't think I ever blogged about the mystery animal we have had. A few months ago, it was late one evening & D wasn't home yet. I had let Razzy out in the back, when he got to barking. Now, Razzy is a Dachshund & Dachshunds like to bark. So, I don't always go see every time he yips at something. Now if Rocco had been barking I would have been alarmed. He only barks at important stuff & doesn't join in the barking when Molly & Razzy get going. It was when we all had our windows open & Mom sent me a text to ask what Razzy was "after." It was then I went to see. Razzy was standing on the bark porch, facing towards the mountain & barking like crazy. I walked out & told him to come to me, as I was picking him up I heard a sound I will never forget! It was a growl, sighing type sound. Like something was aggravated. I put Razzy in the house & just stood there a second to listen. Whatever it was, was HUGE! It was no dog or deer. My first thought was BEAR! I could hear it making it's way up the mountain but in the direction behind Mom's house. It was minutes later that D drove up & I told him to hurry into the gate.

A few nights later we were watching a show & the people were camping. A bear came into their camp & was outside the tent & it was making the same exact sound I heard!

About 2 or 3 weeks after I heard it, Mom had gone out & got home around 10pm or so. And as she was getting out of her car & walking around it to go in the back door, she heard that same growl/sigh/aggravated sound. She said she was too scared to stand around & listen for what it was.

I have heard something quite large up on the mountain a few times since, but have never seen anything. We even put out Danny's game camera, but it was before the leaves fell & we didn't get anything. So, I'm thinking we need to set it out again.



  2. Send Daniel up to check out the cave - something may be living up there!! lol It could be BIG FOOT!!!! nah but it really could be a bear!

  3. Renee....I'll tell Danny!

    Nicole....Mom keeps trying to convince D to go up to the cave. He says "No way!"

  4. Renee....I'll tell Danny!

    Nicole....Mom keeps trying to convince D to go up to the cave. He says "No way!"


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