Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

I forgot to post these in the "Leland" post. I have been begging for some lemon squares from him since we became "twins" & the wait was completely worth it! Holy Toledo!!!

After Santa made his visit.

Razzy "helps" with every present.

 D got Pringles!!!! I love how Rocco is sitting so proper. :)

 Downton Abbey's 1st season!!!! D just watched it with me this week & he's now hooked. The 2nd season begins January 8th!


 Razzy cracks me up! He's in every picture. Hahaha!

 The LAST & FINAL Lucy in the collection. *sniffle*

 D really needed some Febreze.
 Annual aftermath photo. P.S. Molly is outside since the flash from the camera was scaring her. She opened her presents in privacy. :)

 We love rawhides.

 New outfit & Superman headphones
 Lucy loot!

You HAVE to watch these 2 videos. This is how Razzy is on Christmas morning. He does this with every single present that is opened. Hahaha!

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