Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas In The Barn

We had our annual Christmas get together with the family up in the barn.
We did a totally different menu. There was meatloaf (Mom's & the best in the world), pork (made by my Uncle Bob), butter beans, cole slaw, cornbread, Crack Potatoes, Paula Deen's greenbean casserole, mac & cheese & deviled eggs. There was probably other stuff, but I can't remember. It was ALL so good! And so fun to make different things, except for Jamie, who got stuck with deviled eggs. Hahahaha!

I made the Crack Potatoes. I got the recipe from pinterest. They were a huge hit! You know they are good, when Paw is asking about what's in them. And Codie kept eating them throughout the time we were there.
I may make them again on Christmas day. Maybe, not sure yet....But I will be making other recipes from pinterest.

A few family members were absent this year. Each & every one were missed SO much!

Here are scenes from the party........

 Jimbo & Mom light the unity candle (joking of course)

 Mom made the girlies their new hats.
 I am in ♥ with this picture of Amber & Alyssa. (Amber, you should frame it & sit it out at Christmas)
 Diane & her "wips". That's what I called lipstick when I was little.

 Paw opening an old favorite snack of his. Mom had them special ordered for him.
 Paw got a kick out of this gift from Diane & her fam.

 Alyssa & Miss Annie

 I said I would post all of the family group pictures....

 Look at Renee, fussing at Jimbo!
 Paw & his girls. Gosh, Mom really looks like Paw.

 Blakely would NOT let me take her picture.

 Reeeeaaallllyyyy....Dirty Santa! Hahahahaha! (Renee told me to say that) :)

Let me explain the above photo.....

We were playing "Dirty Santa" with $10 gift cards, but Diane opened one with $10 cash, she took it & put it in her shirt. Jimbo (Renee's husband) was the next number & ran over & said I want that $10! Diane said "you gotta get it", not thinking he would & he did!!!!!! We were on the floor dying laughing!!!!! I about peed my pants!!!!! (at least I think that's how it happened. It was so quick!) On the way home, D & I were talking about how funny it was & he said "I couldn't look. I was embarrassed." Hahahahaha!

Laughing hysterically! Poor Desiree (Chad's girlfriend)....It was her first time with our family, I hope she isn't tarnished! Haha!

 I want to squeeze her. :) As you can tell Alyssa seems to be my favorite subject at family gatherings. But she smiles & poses when I tell her. Plus she's so darn cute!

Mom was ticked that I "made" her put this on for a picture. 

This had to be one of the BEST family Christmas gatherings. We had such a happy, fun, laughter filled time. My ♥ is full!


  1. It was a BLAST!!!


  2. was GREAT!!! I didn't want it to end!!! I of the BEST yet!!!


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