Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day

On Christmas day, after we have opened our gifts we walk over to Mom's to spend the day. We wear our new pj's, watch movies, play games, eat & just chill out the entire day.

photo taken from beyer beware.

I made these later in the day & they were soooooo good! I found them on pinterest. I have a new addiction & they are called Hawaiian Ham Sammies.

 Danny opening his 1001 Retro Commercials. 16 hours of them! We watched a few of those hours.

 Danny was thrilled with this sign. If you visit Mom's house, expect to see it hanging in the living room. ;)

 Diane found this "Farmall" flannel shirt & got it for Mom. Danny was SO excited! He wants to cut the tag out. Hahaha!!!
 My ponytail wouldn't let my hat fit. :/
 Mom with her t-shirt pom poms, I made her. The red ones & the red & white one were made out of a t-shirt that held bad/hurtful memories for her. So I told her I turned trash into treasure.
 D got a new navy blue coat. I think he's doing the "Back that thang" up dance.
 Mom got a Kindle!
 Once I put this hat on (after D tried it on), I never took it off the rest of the day. I love it!

 I got a Shark Lift Away Vacuum & steam mop! But it wasn't there yet. It didn't hamper my excitement though.
 More ornaments I made Mom.

 I found this little Farmall tractor at an antique shop. Danny was tickled. :)

 Love my hat!
 Mom with her gingerbread girl....Another one of Leland's goodies
 I got some new polish! And I adore all of them.

 D video chatted with his parents & brother.

 Keith, Lindy, Mercy & Rudy came over that night, so Mercy could get her other presents...The clothes Mom made for her doll that Santa brought.

 Mom made this blanket & pillow, plus a robe to match.
 Her Auburn outfit,
Modeling her new hat.

 I got this photo from Lindy's facebook, to show you Mercy & her doll in their matching nightgowns.

After they left & Danny went to bed, D, Mom & I played Sequence until after midnight. Such a fun game!

I did not want the day to end at all. I got sad when Mom & D got tired & we came home, because I knew once we were home the day was officially over. I always get a bit melancholy on Christmas night. I know I shouldn't fear the future, but I do. I don't like the unknown & Christmas is a marker that the year is really coming to an end. I know most people look at the new year with hope, but I like to stay right where I am. Hahaha! The future does hold great promise, but it can also bring unwanted things too. Anyhoo.....On a lighter note! This was truly a wonderful Christmas! How blessed I am. God is good & I am thankful.


  1. Dang.....I didn't want the post to end!!! What fun!!!

  2. What a WONDERFUL Christmas! Oh my, every single one of these pictures was just great. I was really in love with Danny's 'tractor' sign and began my evil plot on how to steal it, but then I got down to the part about your mom's t-shirts and you turning trash into treasure. How sweet. You really did turn something that was 'ugly' into a thing of beauty.

    Crystal, I'm like you. I love what the future may hold, but also sometimes fear what the future may hold. Just remember....He is already there. Love to you.

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  4. Love seeing all the gifts, felt like I was there!!!


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