Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Sickies

Friday the 18th, I woke up feeling pretty bad, but as the day progressed I just got worse. I had the flu, the regular kind, ya know? Sneezing, coughing, achy, fever, ect.... D went for "sick supplies" & brought me home kleenex, noodle soup & the ingredients for cough syrup. But during the night on Saturday I was restless all night with nausea. Little did I know it was about to begin honestly one of the worst days I have ever experienced in my whole life. When I woke up, I got D to come clean the bathroom, since I knew I would be "using" it (I had planned on cleaning it on Friday). And use that potty I did. I was so nauseous I could not even begin of thinking of drinking anything. D went to get me some Sprite, just to help me try to keep something down. I was not too happy about giving into drinking soda, since I have been soda free for 10 months. But Thank You Jesus for Sprite! D had been home with me all day on Sunday, but had to be at work that evening. Not long after he left, I went to the bathroom & the strangest wave/cold sweat came over me. I have never experienced anything like it or as awful. All I could remember thinking was "get out of the bathroom." And apparently I did, because I woke up laying across the foot of the bed & I was shaking & freezing. When I woke up I couldn't even move or talk. I just laid there. I finally called Mom & told her what happened & she said she would come over, but I didn't want her to get whatever this nastiness was. I waited to tell D, because he was at work & I knew he couldn't leave. I ended up running a 102 temp for over 24 hours. I think mainly because I could not take a fever reducer. All I could do was barely sip the Sprite. My tongue even turned white from dehydration. I almost passed out again later that night, but got myself to the bed before I did. It was just plain brutal. I lived off of Sprite & butter cookies for 3 days. I did make some rice in broth & ate a bit of it. I didn't eat any "real" food until Wednesday night. I had made a pot of green beans for Thanksgiving & I ate a bowl of those. Man, were they good! I knew Thanksgiving wouldn't be a day of overeating for me though. I ate a very small plate of food at Mom's & didn't eat anything but a sliver of pie at Renee's. I hope I never ever ever have to experience that mess again.

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