Thursday, November 24, 2011

Days Of Thanksgiving

During the month of November people posted on facebook something they are grateful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving. I decided to join them & wanted to post them all on my blog on Thanksgiving day.

Thankful Day #1...For emotions. Good, bad or ugly. I'm grateful I was created an emotional being, even when my emotions get the best of me & they frustrate me to no end. I would rather feel things deeply, than not at all.

Thankful Day #2...I'm thankful for Jesus & everything about Him. He's pretty spectacular, ya know?

Thankful Day #3....I am thankful for my big comfy bed full of mountains of pillows & soft blankets. And today is a perfect day to spend in it. *sigh* :)

Thankful Day #4....For my husband. From the moment we met & there was a *spark*, he has always let me be me. He was the first person in my life I could be totally & completely myself with, without judgement or feeling I needed to change to have his love. What a gift of freedom that is. He has never once raised his voice at me or made me feel less than. Tells me I'm beautiful everyday & I hear an abundance of "I love yous". I'm grateful that even though he drives me nuts & life is NOT perfect, that after 11 years of marriage I am still finding new things about him to fall in love with. What a God send my gentle giant is.

Thankful Day #5....I'm grateful for the gift of creativity. And for Hobby Lobby that helps me express it.

Thankful day #6....For my Mom. She & I have been through alot in my almost 35 years & as I have gotten older I have learned to appreciate her more & more. We have our ups & downs, disagree a whole bunch, but in the end, it's love that holds us strong. I adore her more than words & she infuriates me all at the same time. She's a pretty special lady. I don't know what I would do without her to be quite honest (Ssshhhhh...Lord, don't tell her I said that). ;)

Thankful Day #7....For Danny (my step-dad, not to be confused with my husband Daniel). He married Mom when I was 9 & I was none too pleased with the idea. I even tried to refuse to go to the wedding. Yep, I was bullheaded then too. But over the years I have developed a great love for this kind, unwavering in his beliefs, heart of gold, dry humored man. I am grateful he is who God chose for my Mom. In his mind I am "That blame kid." But in my mind he is "Fred Mertz".

Thankful Day #8...For my furbabies Molly, Razzy & Rocco. They bring so much joy into our lives. They are not "just dogs", but God's little furry personalities that he blessed us with. I have some holes in my heart & the Lord knew they are just what I need to fill those empty places with love. Just like a the little sign I have hanging in my kitchen says "No home is complete...Without the pitter patter of doggy feet."

Thankful Day #9...For chocolate.

Thankful Day #10...Today I am grateful for people who seek God in the midst of their struggles & sin. And for a God who is always waiting with open arms to help them write a new chapter, no matter what people may say. My God is bigger than people's opinions.

Thankful Day #11....For every person who has served & does serve in our military. Those who sacrified their lives & time for our freedom. Including my Paw who is proud to call himself a Marine. And Karl, my cousin Donna's husband who is an active Marine. And not just for them, but for their families, who have to let go of their loved ones & sacrifice also, so we can live free.

Thankful Day #12....For hair products. I don't know what I would do without my hair serums, frizzy control, mousse, hair spray, flat iron, curling iron, ect.... Even after using all that, I still look a mess, so you can only imagine what I would look like without it.

Thankful Day #13....For how beautiful today was. Everything seemed to be bright yellow! And that I got the mountain of leaves swept off the porch.

Thankful Day #14....For friends/family who pray & actually let you know they care.

Thankful Day #15....For coupons & stores that accept them.

Thankful Day #16....For chocolate milk & for Nesquik that makes it that way. I don't know what I would do without my nightly large glass of that chocolatey goodness.

Thankful Day #17...For clutter. Now I know most wouldn't be grateful for that, but I see it as a gift. Why? Because I am blessed enough to have way too much stuff! Being a pack rat & emotionally attached to just about every thing can be a curse at times, but it is so rewarding holding on to things I cherish, things people I love have given to me or it once belonged to them. So I guess I am grateful for being extremely sentimental. It's not a bad thing I still have my mechanical Hello Kitty pencil with the heart shaped stamp on top from the 2nd grade.

Thankful Day #18...For Kleenex with lotion or Puffs Plus. Either one is wonderful. Especially right now, since I am officially a snot head. Some may say I have always been one, but medically speaking.

Thankful Day #19...I know I've already done a thankful day for D, but I just want to say how grateful I am for him again. He's been at work all day, while I've been home & too sick to get out of bed. He is now on his way home after going to get me some "sick supplies" including the ingredients for "the recipe" & french fries from McDonald's. I sure do love him.

Thankful day # 20... that I survived a brutal day with the flu after passing out yesterday while home alone.

Thankful day # 21... that I am fever free for the first time since Friday.

Thankful Day #22...For Sprite. I am not at all happy about having to give into drinking soda after going almost 10 months without any. But I don't know what I would have done with Sprite these last few days. It's still about the only thing my body will let me have at this point. So kudos to Sprite...You are a life saver.

Thankful Day #23...I'm just thankful. Thankful for everything. The good times. The bad times. The middle of the road times. Times of desperation & times of pure bliss. The family & friends who have come, gone, remain & are yet to be in my life. The modern conveniences, I freely use without a blink. For so many things I can't even begin to describe. And most of all for the loving God who chose me to be His child to live this life. It may not be perfect, but He perfectly loves me!

Thankful Day #24...That I got to watch the parade & see Santa Claus come to town. Cook a ham & oven fried corn. Got to eat lunch with Mom & Danny, with some Andy Griffith entertainment for dessert. We will be headed to my Aunt Renee's for supper with the fam! Then we will end the day by mapping out our shopping adventure. SO thankful for days like these & the chance to experience them. So blessed! Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

This is also my 5000 blog post! How fitting that it would fall on Thanksgiving day! I am thankful for blogging.  I began the journey in June of 2004. There has been some bumps along the road, but overall blogging has been nothing but a joyfully experience. I'm grateful I have had a place to express myself in many ways, while chronicling my life.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mama Vicki and all your love ones Crystal :D


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