Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday

This year Mom & I started out at Belk at a little before 2am. They opened at 3 & were giving away gift cards ranging from $5-$250, to the first 250 customers. We love to go to get the giftcard, which we usually get the $5 one & then we go in to spend it. It's just something fun we enjoy doing. We stood in line for over an hour & as we got to the door found out we were numbers 254 & 255!!!!! All we could do was laugh! But we did make 2 news friends while standing in line. :)

We met up with Donna & Renee...It was just us 4 this year. We missed the other Fat Kats! But goodness we laughed so much!!!! Anywho... after making a pit stop for me to run into Target & then a potty break/snack break at the gas station, we headed to the mall. Donna & Renee had been shopping since 10pm the night before so they were already exhausted. We went to several places to get our goodies. I found the massive Christmas ornament store!!! (I must go back there) After leaving the mall, we went to World Market & Ulta. I got 2 more OPI Muppet polishes for my stocking . :) Renee never bought anything!!! I just remember her sorta walking with us in a bit of a zombie state. Hahahahaha!!!
They dropped us off at Hobby Lobby & they went on home. Mom & I shopped for awhile more there. I love to get a new roll of wrapping paper from there every year, even though I have tons already. I have go to get different shoes for Black Friday next year. They tennis shoes I wore about killed my feet. If not for that I could have shopped for a few more hours. We got home about 10am. I think I was officially in bed asleep by noon & slept the rest of the day.

 This cracks me up!!!!
 I was so tired. I told Mom to "Look at Renee" instead of "Look at me" to take the picture. Hahahaha! This was right after D called me & he told me to "hold on a minute" & I laid the phone on the bench. Hahahaha! Lord help me.

We were SO loud in World Market from laughing so much! 

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  1. Next year, we need to assign someone as "Dummy Patrol" so that they make sure I get some sleep before Black Friday shopping! I don't want to be a dummy and go shopping without a nap first! I'm too old!!!
    I had still had a blast even though I didn't buy NOT ONE THING!!!


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