Monday, October 24, 2011

A Weekend To Smile Over

Quality Time....That's rare around here, so when D & I get to spend time together we revel in it. He actually had the whole weekend off. I'm still in shock about it. Haha! I don't think I remember the last full weekend he has had off. He "may" get an off day a week...If that. But an entire weekend feels like a vacation! Definitely cherished.

Friday night we had plans to go out, but the radio station needed him to come in, so we changed our plans for Saturday. On Saturday, Danny & D did some work on the roof of our backporch. Then we watched the Auburn game, after the game we went shopping. Nothing special, but fun just the same. There were a few stores we went too & just had such a pleasant time. I'm not saying it in one of those "goody goody, my life is always wonderful" way....It was just a sweet time with my man. One of those times you feel extra complete I guess. That's how the whole weekend felt.

We also planned on getting pumpkins to carve...We thought Walmart would have some good ones, since that is where we normally get them. They were so picked over & when D grabbed one it was rotten & gunk went everywhere. Hahaha! It was a bit hysterical. So we nixed the pumpkins this year.

Sunday we just enjoyed the day being together. He helped me make chicken pot pie. And we watched "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane." I have never seen the movie & since I don't do scary movies, I have decided to make this my annual Halloween movie. We also made cookies & watched the new show "Once Upon A Time."

I even stayed off the computer all day! I asked D if he noticed & he said he wondered if I had a fever. Haha! But I wanted to spend the day with him with no distraction.

Tonight as he was going to bed he said "Thank you for such a great weekend. It was nice wasn't it?" Yes it was my Honey D. *big smile*

A little side note...He also told me I have pretty eyebrows. I was like "What?" He said "You do. I love your eyebrows." I had to blog it, because it makes me giggle & I want to remember.

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