Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doing Something Pinteresting

This was one of the first things I saw that I knew I would for sure make. Mainly because I had everything already. I had this old frame out in the shed, so I spray painted it. And used a piece of fabric I already had. If I find some fabric later that I like better, I'll just change it. We already have a white board hanging on the pantry door for notes/lists, so I knew I wanted this one to be more "special". It's our scripture/encouraging board. It hangs right in the center of the kitchen, so we will always see it.

Here's the pin I got inspired from.....

I've had some of the cork squares laying around & didn't know just what to do with them....So I put them in spice/cabinet. I'll use it for recipes & such. I already have my list of spices I need to restock hanging there. It was perfect for that because I didn't know where to put that durn list.

Here's the pin that inspired me....

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  1. I have wanted to get some cork for my office to pin things on .
    Isn't pinterest so much fun!
    have a pretty day!


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