Saturday, October 29, 2011

Annual Weenie Roast

On the way there we went to Walmart & I of course had on my Auburn toboggan (that Mom made). There...No lie...Was almost a mob scene when I walked in the door & was surrounded by people asking me where I got it & saying how much they loved it. Then throughout the store was funny. D said that he was enjoying watching people stare at me or over hearing their comments as I passed by. You definitely can't be shy & wear that thing. Hahaha!

Scenes from a weenie roasting good time!

 Alyssa & Blakely
 Mercy & Papa (Danny)

 I love this picture. :) Alyssa, Blakely & the Angelic Ashtyn

 Mom & Katrina

 Grand master story teller Cameron...AKA Captain Jack

 Now that's a smore!

 We are in ♥ with Allie (Jamie's sweet sweet sweet doggy).

 Amber & me

 Allie ate constantly. Here she is with a mysterious smores.

 You can't help but smile when you look at Jimbo & Danny in this picture.

 Grandma Rae & her funnel cake.
 Renee...The Funnel-cakingista

 Alyssa is going in for the kill.

 Grandma went hayridin' too!
Look at that precious girl.

Me & Jamie

D & I wish we could have stayed longer, but he has to get  up early for work. So....We missed the sitting around the fire & listening to stories. But there is always next year! 

Thanks Renee & Jimbo for another fabulous time! Granny would be so proud of the tradition continuing on. 

And as I sat on the bed about to upload the photos this is what I saw next to me..........
I'm in trouble for leaving him.


  1. Yay for pics!
    Allie is a human in dog form...she eats people food only! She's a TEENY bit spoiled!

    I am cracking up @ the mummy with a bow on its head!

    Big Paw didnt make it?

  2. Nope. I'm not sure why he wasn't there.

  3. I was like telling myself...hey me wanna be part of your fun joy and laughter and what a great family bonding :)

    Love to all and Mama Vickie :D

  4. Shionge! You know you are welcome anytime!


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