Monday, September 26, 2011

Are You Pinning?

I'm talking about Pinterest. I had seen a few friends on facebook post things from Pinterest & I would venture over to check it out. At first, I wasn't so sure what it was or how to use it. Then my interest got peaked & I asked a Staci to send me an invite (You have to be invited to actually join & start "pinning"). Now I am a bit obsessed with pinning new things to my pinboards!

So what it Pinterest?

It's a virtual pinboard. A place for you to collect & share things you find while searching the web. You can also just stay on Pinterest & pin things you see from there. But beware....You will get lost for hours searching through all of the goodness. I used to e-mail ideas or recipes to myself that I wanted to remember to do. Now I have a place to keep them all. Which I love! There is so much inspiration out there!

Here are my pinboards. And you can always click the "Pink P" to the right to see what the latest things are I have  "pinned". I have pinboards for crafts, Christmas, decor, recipes, Lucy & much more....

I made these Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies tonight for D & I got the recipe from Pinterest. Cool, huh? Mom said biting into one of these warm out of the oven was indescribable! D had a description for them & Renee......You know what I am talking about! Hahahaha!

If you want an invite just send me at email to shinycryspy2 at aol dot com.


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