Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Giant Marilyn Monroe

My friend Denise, who lives in Chicago went on her lunch break & took some pics of Marilyn for me. 
Thanks Denise!!!


  1. Magnificent! Is it permanent there in Chicago?

  2. She is only due to stay until next Spring. Chicago has a habit of having odd temporary public art exhibits. or 2 years is was giant cow statutes all over the city and artists were hired to paint them in different themes. Another year it was concrete chairs & couches that got painted, another year it was globes and there were like 20-30 all over the downtown area. Last year at the far south end of the city we had a giant eyeball. Yup and eyeball that was like 10 stories or more. This year it is gargantuan Marilyn! She even has huge spotlights on her at night!

  3. This is a little (LOT) creepy!!!


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