Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Molly Moments

I took this video late Friday night.
Things to notice...
The scattered cookies on the floor & Molly guarding them.
Razzy being the pesteroni that he is.
Rocco sitting quietly in the chair.
And I will go on & apologize beforehand for my annoyingly high pitch voice.

Molly's birthday surprise! She can't wait!

Very proud of her present!

These are so yummy!
She did share with her brothers, but not willingly.


  1. Thats too funny. My great Aunt's dog personal favorite was Wendys. She didn't feed her dog any dog food but it ate nuggets off of the dollar menue at Wendys every meal with fries.

  2. your dogs steal my heart! they are so cute! i hope molly had a great bday! hey i never got your comment what did you say?

  3. What a treat...I wonder if she'll share it with me ;)


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