Saturday, September 27, 2008


Molly is 12 today & according to the dog calculator she is 74. Some days she shows her age & then others you think she is still a puppy. I think the boys do help keep her young though.

Molly was 3 days old. Rebecca (the little girl in the stripes) is holding her. And that's her Momma Angel. Angel is still kicking too!
Baby Molly
Here's my 25 things about Molly:

  • She was my payment for house sitting.
  • I didn't name her, she was already named Molly & it stuck. I wanted to call her Revy, for revival....Hhhhmmm....I just realized I liked "R" names even back then.
  • She adores her Nana more than anyone.
  • LOVES to go "Bye-Bye" in the car.
  • She's really good with kids, because she thinks she is one of them.
  • Her favorite food is chicken, french fries & chocolate (the vet said it was OK).
  • Hates baths with a passion. Just say the word & watch her reaction.
  • The first 2 years of her life she was horrible & we would come home to her standing in the middle of the dining table with the mail chewed up. She loved to shred my bras & pantyhose. Once she hit 2, she was an angel.
  • She thinks everyone comes to visit her.
  • Is obsessed with her cookies. And the entire bowl of cookies are all hers.
  • She has moved to California & back to Alabama 2 times.
  • She took to her new brothers much better that expected.
  • She treats them both differently though. Razzy aggravates her & she growls to let him know it. She tends to baby Rocco. It's hilarious to watch her play with them both & the difference in how she even does that.
  • She has to have a window to look out of.
  • She literally thinks she is the queen of the hill up here. And anyone or thing that gets in her line of vision is on her property.
  • She thinks there is a pig in the air vents (because I told her so).
  • She doesn't like to play with toys.
  • She tolerates me most of the time. She has an "I don't have time for you" attitude with me. She ignores me on purpose.
  • She's extremely demanding & will tell you what she wants. Also pretty opinionated. She becomes more of these the older she gets.
  • If you make the bed or fix the pillows on the couch, it is her mission to push them all on the floor.
  • Dad is her main man.
  • Molly hair seems to make an appearance just about everywhere.
  • One of her greatest joys is a good back scratch.
  • You can not chew gum around her, she hates it. It scares her, she sticks close to you with her ears down. And she doesn't believe you have stopped chewing it unless she sees you throw it away.
  • Her nicknames are...Molly Girl, Molly Olly, Mar, Tootie Fruit, Miss Priss, Dirly Dirl, Purty, Molly Olly Doodle All The Day, Mama's Girl, The Girl, Miss Mar
Super Molly
Doing her chores
Sweet girl
She's "totally" into this. Can't You tell?
Uh-Oh, it's bad influence Uncle Michael. She is very fond of him & even though see doesn't see him very often, she never forgets him.
She loves Santa. See she's smiling!
When she lived with her Nana, this was her spot.
Giving her Dad kisses, kisses.
Co-Pilot Molly
With her comfort, Kitty Baby
Going Bye Bye, her favorite!
With Auntie Stackie & me. When Staci lived with my parents, while I was in Cali, Staci would take Molly bye bye, to McDonald's for french fries. It's still one of Molly's fondest memories, she still talks about it!
Molly & Me
I love this picture of her...It's Hobo Molly.
With me

With Dad
These are just a few of the 100's of pictures of Miss Molly Girl, as you can imagine. She has been the best girl ever. I wanted a girl puppy so badly when she came along & through the years she has not disappointed in her affection for everyone & for me when it didn't conflict with her schedule too much. Hahaha! Life would not be the same without her!


  1. Happy Birthday to your "puppy" too. WOW, she is actually old for dog years!

  2. you kinda look like Sarah Palin in that one photo of you two on the couch!

  3. Happy Birthday Molly! She is so sweet! I love her pics through the years! your such a good momma!

    I LOVE my Molly Girl!

    I think Molly and I need to have a NEW picture made together! :[

  5. Oh yes, I have pictures of Molly on her McDonalds adventures. She was SO HYPER in the CAR! We always did it in honor of YOU!


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