Thursday, November 08, 2007

Molly & Her Kitty Baby

When Molly came into my life, she was 6 weeks old. And she took to this little stuffed cat. It wasn't even a dog toy, but something I got, as a "get well" gift when I had my tonsils taken out as a kid. Kitty Baby has always been her "baby." And she would always sleep with Kitty Baby in her mouth. After Razzy & Rocco made their appearance, Kitty Baby had to be put up, because I didn't want the boys to tear her up. I put her in my room, on a shelf, but of course the boys knew they weren't supposed to have her, so they would sneak to get her. Finally she was pushed back behind some books & forgotten, for a very long time....

....Then one night I was organizing the shelf, when I saw the forgotten Kitty. I pulled her out & said, "Molly! Look! It's Kitty Baby!!!" She immediately took her from me, put her in her mouth & went to sleep. These are the pictures of it.
Molly Girl is smiling, she's so happy, we found Kitty Baby!


  1. AWE!!! That's my Molly-Girl!! The sweetest puppy ever.

  2. How cute!! I'm glad she's got Kitty baby back!!

  3. sweet! I had a dog named Bruiser that had a stuffed cat he loved! I mean....really loved.


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