Thursday, August 03, 2006

Memories Of Granny

Today would have been my Granny's 74th birthday. Sadly she passed away when she was 59 from a silent heartattack. I thought I would take this time & share some of my favorite things about her.
She is the person that introduced me to I Love Lucy. We would watch it everyday at noon. I still have the VHS tapes that she recorded The Long Long Trailor" & "Forever Darling" (2 Lucille Ball movies) onto. When I look at Lucille Ball, I see Granny.
Granny was always alot of fun & loved to play games. At 59 she had her own Nintendo for goodness sakes! I know if she were still alive, she would totally be an online gamer. I would spend the night with her all the time. And some of my favorite times were when she & I would sit up around the dining room table playing Skip-bo or other games. My Paw would get up for work & I would help Granny make a big breakfast, we would eat & then go to bed.

She was such a great cook & an amazing baker. Christmas was always a time for mountains of sweets. Her Divinity was out of this world. I always miss that sugar rush at Christmas.

She bowled on several leagues. So going to the bowling alley with was something I did often. I enjoyed watching her bowl.

She was a story teller...But beware...You would more than likely hear the story about a dozen times before the day was over & a half a dozen the next day.

She spoke her mind & didn't care who heard it.

She was a die hard Auburn fan. But she also enjoyed watching baseball. I always hated it when it was the World Series. ;)

She had really long fingernails that she kept painted normally pink or frosted pearl.

She had a pretty cool collection of stilettos with the matching hand bag.

She always smelled of sweet perfume, normally Ciara & cigarette smoke.

She walked with her hands in her pockets.

Always kept her hair short.

She wore bright pink lipstick.

She drove the coolest blue & white van that had a sink in the back.

These of course are only some of my memories of her, there are 100's more stored in my heart.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. I wish she were still here. I wish she would have been able to know D. They would have gotten on so well. She would totally grab him & kiss him. Oh & that's me in the picture with her. :)


I challenge my family to leave a memory of her. And you better do it Fat Kats...NO EXCUSES!!! And I challenge bloggers to leave a memory of your Grandmother.


  1. This is so amazing of you to have such nice memories of your Granny.

    I am sad to say that I do not have much impression of my maternal grandma coz she was living in Malaysia all her life and the family only visited once in a year.

    As for my paternal grandma, who lives in Malaysia too but only a traditional Chinese lady, she adores only boy and I know that my elder brother has a very good loving relationship with her. Being a girl, I wasn't 'cherish' by the older generation coz boys are consider to produce 'off-spring'.

    I am glad there's not such discrimination now. In fact, most prefer to have girls now coz they do take care of the family more.....

  2. I am blessed that both my grandmothers are still alive and in relatively good health. I lived with my paternal grandmother for the latter part of my college years, and she and I have traveled together, so we are pretty close. My maternal grandmother is amazing, and from her (via my mom) I get my love of fine china and crystal and all things pretty. They both live nearby, and I'm glad that my kids have the opportunity to spend time with their great-grandmothers.

  3. I am so sorry you lost your Granny. She seemed like a wonderful woman!

    I truly envy the relationship you had with her. My mom's mom disowned her when she got pregnant with me & married to my father. She was never "quite right" & had an alcohol problem. I did get to meet her a couple of times--only for her to treat me like dog crap. She is still living in my home town but she is a miserable old woman. It is very sad.

    And my dad's mom is still living but she is very hard to explain. She never really wanted to be a grandma because it labeled her as being "old". She is one of those "socialite" women who would NEVER bake cookies or even play with us when we were kids. She is a very negative person (especially toward different races) & loves to comment on everyone's weight. I have always tried to grab on to some part of a relationship with her but it is extremely difficult. Even at 35 I yearn for a relationship with grandparents.

    I think that is why my mom & dad try so hard with Seth because they know what I missed out on.

    Thanks for sharing this post & hold onto those memories forever!!!

  4. Great memories, Crystal!

    As we were ending a phone conversation, my gma used to always say, "now, you know what I always say...." and I'd say, "Behave yourself!"

    Craig's Nana recently passed and she was a hoot! For his sisters birthday one year, we bought her tickets to see Nickle Creek in concert. When Lauren opened the card and tickets fell out, Nana said "what is that? A credit card?" and Lauren said "no, they're tickets to Nickle Creek" and Nana said, "Cripple Creek? Well, whats that?" And for the next few minutes, Craig convinced her that it was a band that played at one of the hospitals to entertain the patients. After the concert, we were talking about how good it was and Nana said, "what are you all talking about?" And Lauren said, "we're remembering how good Nickle Creek was." And Nana said, "Nipple Creek? Never heard of them."


  5. After we moved from living next door to Mama and Daddy to Alabaster, the girls and I would visit every Tuesday evening after dance lessons when the girls were very young. Mama always made the most incredible fried pork chops and she always cooked them on Tuesdays. Hence, good time for a visit!
    Everytime I had a baby, Mama would come stay with me for a few days and I always requested fried pork chops, rice and gravy, english peas, rolls, and iced tea for my homecoming. She always granted my wish.
    Happy Birthday, Mama! I miss you.
    Your Baby Girl
    (See Donna....she called me her Baby, too)

  6. Ohh Crystal it brought tears to my eyes. I miss my nan so much.

  7. I never knew my paternal grandma. She died when my dad was 8. He was raised by her fav sister. She had a farm in rural Japan and I only saw her twice in my life.
    My maternal grandma is still alive but has had Altzheimers since about 1994. It has been years since she has known who I am and she can no longer even speak coherent sentences. I used to stay at my grandparents for the weekend when I was little. My grandma would let me help her bake & cook and can. I think that is why I love to cook so much. I still do some canning - which is pretty rare for a Chicago city girl! All her recipies are gone now - :( My grandpa threw her recipie book away when she started getting Altzheimers because she could not keep them straight and would end up combining things into weird mixtures! I wish I had thought earlier to ask her to copy her recipie cards!

    It is nice you have such good fond memories of your grandma.

  8. Those are wonderful memories of your Grandmother, Crystal! What a blessed relationship you had.

    I'm not that close to my maternal grandmother. I love her very much, but she has suffered from some problems that have never allowed me to get that close to her.

    My paternal grandmother and I, are rather close. Growing up, she was the one who would take me to church. Every summer she would drive my sister and I to New York to visit my cousins. I have a lot of fond memories of doing things with my Grandma.

    Just last week, she had my oldest over for a tea party. So, I'm hoping that my daughter will have wonderful memories of her Great-Grandma too.

  9. I remember one time I went with Granny to the bowling alley and she gave me a small change purse that matched one of her purses and she and all of her bowling friends gave me change that filled up the change purse so I could play games and get toys out of all of the quarter machines. I remember the change purse was peach w/flowers on it.
    Also, whenever I see Divinity it makes me think of Granny's house at Christmastime.

  10. Wow! What great memories I have of her! I loved her so much. We lived next door to her for years and alot of my time was spent over there. I could always run to her when Crystal and Jamie wouldn't let me play ;) After we moved from there, I can remember getting home from school on Friday's and racing to beat Jamie to the phone. We would call her up and ask to spend the night. She would almost always say yes! Fun times we spent at the bowling alley on those Friday nights. Those and our Livingston trips are some of my greatest memories of her. Man she loved to sit on that pier and fish! I did too. She would have worm guts all under her fingernails and we would sit there for hours! Boy how I wish she could meet my girls and J.R. I know she would LOVE them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY! I LOVE YOU! ~Amber

  11. Oh yeah I forgot one...I would play sick at school (my mom worked in the lunchrooom)so she would come an get me. I would just go and hang out at her house and help her cook supper. She always had it on the table when Paw came in from work. ~Amber

  12. Aww, that was soo sweet. You were a cutie when you were little weren't you? Well, you still are for that matter. I lost all my grandparents during highschool, and one the year after I graduated. One right after another. 5 years, 4 grandparents and my dog!! My lost all his too, so we had no grandparents at our wedding. We had a vase with 8 white roses in memory of all our GP's. It was placed on the alter.

  13. I miss my MAMA so bad sometimes I can't hardly breath. I can barely see the screen as I'm typing this from crying.
    I have so many amazing memories of my Mom.
    She drove me to school everyday that I went and was always there to pick me up. She never allowed us to ride the bus.
    I can't tell you the times I would wake up in the morning to get ready for school and there would be a new dress hanging in my door-way because she would sit up all night long to make it.
    Holidays were always amazing and they will never be the same. Oh how I wish I could be a kid again sometimes.
    I still catch myself thinking, "I need to call Mama" and then .......... I know it's not possible.


    I taught myself to knit this week!


    That is such a sweet and beautiful tribute to Mama!

    I love you so much
    and she did too!

  15. I loved reading your post about your grandma. She sounds like she was quite a lady! How lucky you were to spend time with each other.

    My paternal grandmother was the typical grandma type when I was little. She baked and cooked traditional Polish foods, spoke some Polish, wore BIG jewelry, and loved the bingo. She had a stroke when I was in high school which then changed her- sometimes she didn't even know us. She passed away then when I was in college.

    My maternal grandma was a beautiful woman- her old photos from World War II days looked like she could have been a movie star with her long curls and dark red lipstick. She loved us all but was not a "loving" woman. She had her own way- bossy, critical soemtimes, but also funny and very creative. She and my grandpa could not go to my wedding in 1990 because she was out of state in treatment for cancer. She beat it that time, but only lived 7 more years until the same sort of cancer struck again.

    I miss them both!

  16. wow such good memories. i dont have many with my grandmothers. they both only spoke spanish and i really couldnt all that well so we didnt do much together. one thing i love about my fathers mother is that she would always make us fresh tortialls every moring when we would go and visit. it was a big deal because it would be enough for twenty plus grandkids and eight uncles and aunts.
    thanks for sharing your memories of your grandmother she sounds wonderful

  17. Wow - what a sweet post. What a fantastic lady she was!
    My maternal grandmother died when I was a teenager so I was lucky enough to have her for a nubmer of years. I remember every holiday we went to visit her, she always cooked us a huge dinner - fried chicken and mashed potatoes. (this is when I was younger and she was in good health) - she livee in another state so we only saw her on holidays. I miss her.

  18. Such a beautiful way to start a Monday - reminiscencing (can you all believe I spelled that one right?) about my Mama! What a wonderful lady! We had a great relationship through good times and bad and let me tell you, I did some really dumb things in my life time but she loved me regardless. She would get mad and forgive but she didn't always forget! She had a way of throwing things back at you in the heat of a moment! That's okay because I probably needed to hear it!
    Mama loved her kids and one thing you did not do was to mess with her kids! I cried half way through first grade! If she made the mistake of letting me know where she was going after dropping us off at school, I would cry until they found her and she would come get me! A visit to Aunt Bernice's house and a footlong hotdog did wonders for a tummy ache! I would walk behind her and keep her skirt tail wadded up in my hand so that I didn't get separated or lost. As we got older and advanced into the teenage years, I was appointed Renee's guardian angel I think! She could not go to a boy's house or out with a boy unless I went to! What fun that was! Yeah, right! Renee hated it as much as I did. It was not fun being the third wheel. But that's okay! I got lots of dirt on Na-Na!!!!!
    Renee and I like one day of being 11 months apart and Mama used to dress us like twins. We were and still are so cute! I remember our matching brown and orange plaid skirts and tops with little white collars. We wore them to Bruce Wayne's funeral. (That's another story.)
    Mama always saw to it that we had a good time. During spring breaks she would plan day trips. One time we went to Noccalula Falls. We all wore shorts and sleeveless tops. It was raining and cold and she went to K-Mart to buy us long pants and a jacket.
    Hey Na - how about some macaroni, cheese and tomato to go with those fried pork chops?
    My favorite dress was red with a white pinafore that Mama made for me. I can remember going to Florida on vacation and most everything in our suitcase was new and homemade even down to the swimsuit.
    The list goes on and on and on. I have only begun to scratch the surface of the memories lingering in my mind. On this note I will leave you with a few Mamaisms!
    1. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!
    2. Sh-- in one hand and want in the other and see which one fills up faster!
    3. People in hell want ice water but that ain't no sign they are going to get any!
    4. If he tells you to get out or put out then get out and call home and I will come get you!
    5. Why would he want to buy the cow when he can get the milk free?
    Happy Belated Birthday, Mama! I love you! dd

    Hey you FAT KATS, I think it is time for a "Sweet Memories" get together!

  19. I have lots of memories with Granny but I loved when she would take me and Chad to McDonalds and then to Oak Mountain where we would have a picnic and fish all afternoon.


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