About Me

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If you are visiting Pink Lucy for the first time....Then....Welcome Y'all! Sit a spell & get to know me. 
This blog has a little bit of everything. My day to day life with my hubs "Honey D" & my 3 furbabies. I share about my faith in my best friend...Jesus. And of course there are all things pink & Lucille Ball. Add in some dashes of reality TV, crafts & whatever is tickling my fancy at the moment. :) Plus oodles of art!

I am also paid to blog occasionally, so if you see those & links to certain sites....I don't necessarily stand behind them. The posts are usually about something I wouldn't normally blog about.

  • The blog name came from 2 of my most favorite things...The color Pink & Lucille Ball.
  • My name is Crystal
  • Nicknames are...Honey C, Hootie, CD, Triple C
  • Born & raised in Alabama. After a couple of years in Los Angeles, I'm back in Bama.
  • I have a Mom (Vickie) & a Danny (Stepdad)
  • I have a half-sister (Anita) & A step brother (Keith)
  • I am an ever-evoling Christian with a song in my heart
  • Raised in church, but became born again when I was 15
  • Married to D...aka Honey D
  • Mom to 3furbabies...Razzy, Rocco & Polka Dottie
  • I'm a artist
  • I'm pleasantly plump with a mass of curly locks
  • Bible Journaling is a passion of mine
  • Actually anything art related is
  • Creative
  • A glam girl
  • Nighttime diva...This means I am nocturnal.
  • Love laughing, but there's nothing like a good cry
  • I once lived in Los Angeles, where I met & married the hubs.
  • I am always reading a book. 
  • I love big purses, Or suitcases is more like it.
  • I have a secret desire to be a lounge singer from the 1940’s. Think Rosemary Clooney in "White Christmas", singing "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me" at the Carousel Club.
  • I love surprises, but I hate unexpected visitors.
  • I dream everyday of how to redecorate.
  • One of my favorite things to do is walk down the detergent aisle. And I have to open the bottles to smell the detergent.
  • When I go to someone’s house I ALWAYS think of how I would rearrange. I also think of how the house may look it I lived there.
  • I love taking pictures ~DUH!.And once I wanted to be a fashion photographer. I hope to get a professional camera someday.
  • I love all things British. Which means I am an Anglophile.
  • I have a habit of twisting my hair. I’ve done it since I was little. I seem to twist it a lot. Especially when I’m watching TV, I’m tired, bored or don’t feel good. That’s why I like to keep my hair long.
  • I hate to be proud of something, to only have someone criticize it or tell me how I could have done it better or a different way. 
  • I miss the fun & interesting things to do in Los Angeles. And also the diversity in cultures.
  • I love Alabama, but hate the prejudice that still exists, to all cultures. Don’t even get me started on that one….
  • I want to travel the world, especially Europe.
  • I have worn a toe ring on the same toe for the last 17 years, my toe now has an indent in it.
  • I used to be really shy & I had NO friends. I was a depressed young person. My early teens were horrible.
  • I am a crier. I probably shed at least 1 tear a day, but not always from sadness. I was always made fun of for the fact that I am emotional & it made me ashamed. I am ashamed NO more.
  • I’m named after the country singer Crystal Gayle. Do you know who she is? If not look her up.I was almost named Misty....Thank Heaven's that didn't happen!
  • I have very vivid dreams, every night. Sometimes they are spiritual. And some have actually come true. People don't like it when I dream about them, especially if it has to do with death.
  • I adore my church & am honored to be on the Praise Team.