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I'm often asked Bible Art Journaling & the supplies that I use. So here is a list of links & photos.

I'll give ya a small testimony....I was very sick when I discovered Bible Art Journaling in 2015. My Mom bought me my Bible. At the time there were only about 2 on the market, Now there are oodles available in all versions, with colorable pages. As I was spending most of my time in bed, I did a lot of researching about this unique form of worship, before I decided to go all in! I had decided that I would be a margin only journaler, not covering the words. That lasted one page! I was hooked! This is such a life changing way to spend time with Jesus. The Word literally comes alive in color! It's such a deeper form of learning & living the Word of God. The journey it has taken me on...I never dreamed possible! It's opened doors in my heart/life, creatively, spiritually & physically!

Here is the basic format for journaling & what I teach in my "Worship in Color" Bible Art Journaling class.

Here is the link to my instagram, where I post my pages. You can also look for #lovepinklucysbible

Here is my Youtube Channel where I post my instagram lives also & have some other tutorials, like page prep!
My page prep tutorial...

I am an Illustrated Faith Affiliate & Brand Ambassador. I review the latest kits from Illustrated Faith. I post those on my Youtube as well.

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Paper Supplies

This is the first Journaling Bible that I have...

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible Brown

This is the one that I currently using is called...

ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition (Autumn Song)

Of course I painted the cover of mine with artist grade acrylic paint & it looks like this now.

There are tons & tons of Journaling Bibles on the market now.It's just finding the one that best suits you.

Illustrated Faith

Illustrated Faith, by Shanna Noel...
This is the Illustrated Faith FB group...
Illustrated Faith Youtube channel
Illustrated Faith Instagram

Rebekah Jones....She gives you the run down of everything...Including Bibles & such.

This is Rebekah’s FB group....
Her Youtube channel where she has Bible Art challenges.
Documented Faith by Stephanie Ackerman
Documented Faith Instagram
Also there are so many tutorials on youtube, instagrams to follow & of course pinterest! If you are on periscope, ladies journal live all of the time.
Here is the supplies that I personally use:
What I use to prep pages. Above it a link to my YouTube tutorial on how to prep a page.

For drying the Matte Gel Medium, drying your paints & setting your inks I suggest a heat tool. You can get them for about $10 at a craft store with a coupon.
But a hairdryer works just as good also. It's what I used before getting a heat tool.

Artist's Loft Watercolor Pallette from Michael's. There are the watercolors that I started out with. These are usually $5 & if you aren't familiar with working with watercolors, these are perfect for learning. Once you decide if you like them, you can always upgrade.

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens. Love these pens! They are waterproof! Which is perfect when using watercolors.

The ink pad that I recommend if you are going to use stamps with watercolors. But I use this one for all of my time stamps too.
My favorite colored pencils. They can be pricey. But Walmart is now carrying them & you get smaller sets there. Not all colored pencils are the same. Prismacolor are creamy & blend-able.

There is also watercolor pencils. So easy to use!

This is my favorite brush for watercolors. It will change your life! Hahaha! It's Pentel Aquash Brush. There are other waterbrushes out there. Just be sure that the waterbrush has a chamber.It helps with the flow of the water.
But you can use regular brushes.

If you want to buy their products from DaySpring, use this link below.

Shop Your Fav Brands at is the best place to shop online for art supplies!
 Here is my affiliate link....
This is the Illustrated Faith date stamp. But you can find date stamps just about anywhere. I got mine regular one from Tuesday Morning. You can get date stamps from the office supply store.

BE SURE THAT YOU DATE EVERY ENTRY in your Bible. You want to see your journey. Just like a regular journal. If amazing to go back to see where you started & what was going on in you life for that particular page.

The ever illusive Mega Stamp from Studio Calico. It's usually on back order & has a waiting list. One of my favorite things that I own!
A Mix Media note book is awesome to own. You can play around with techniques. It helps with facing your fear of certain things. As well as you can use this paper for "Tip Ins."
Or you could just do your journaling in this notebook.

Signo BOLD white gel pen. Great for highlighting & words. This pen is dreamy! You can find these at Michael's. But you can a pack of them on Amazon for cheaper.

Neocolorii water soluble crayons. These are what I use the most in my Bible. They are scrumptious! They are pricey, so I suggest getting a small set to try them out, before investing in the bigger set.

Also you can use Acrylics in your Bible. They are actually what I started with, since it's what I already had. 

Washi tape!!!! I am a bit obsessed!

I highly recommend using for getting font/lettering ideas! I have used it for years in my art. you can type in the words that you want to write & it comes in the font that you have chosen. It's a great way to practice lettering also!

You can also use stickers, scrapbook paper, stencils...You name it! It's an endless world of exploration with Jesus. The main thing to remember it is NOT about the supplies & stuff. It's about your worship & time with the Lord. It's easy to allow "the stuff" to become more important that the meaning behind it all. You can just journal your thoughts in the margins & add color here & there. You don't have to do full on crazy pages like I do. They are just my own expression. And unique to me.

When I began this journey 4 years ago, I had my Bible,
matte gel medium (I used a hair dryer to dry it), acrylic paints & Jesus. From there I have discovered what are my favorite things to work with. This is all my personal favorites & tips. You do you. There are no rules! Just be open to allowing Jesus to guide you & speak to your heart. You may be thinking that you are not creative, but you were created by the best Creator of all time! There is creativity in all of us. Sometimes it's hidden.

If you ever have any questions feel free to email me at

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Here is the link to my instagram, where I post my pages. 
You can also look for #lovepinklucysbible

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