Wednesday, June 26, 2019

No Ocean Too Wide ~ Book Review

When I read the synopsis for "No Ocean Too Wide" I was immediately intrigued. I love to read about parts of history that are typically unknown. So the idea of a book about children being sent from England on ship to Canada in the early 1900's was a must read for me.

The story follows the McAllister family. After losing their father & then their Mom being hospitalized for an illness, their world came crashing down. Laura who is the oldest of the siblings was already working as a lady's maid at a large estate. So the twins, Katie & Garth, along with the baby of the family, Grace are sent to children's homes. Then begins the saga of Laura discovering this injustice of her siblings circumstance & trying to get her siblings back.

Now...I'm going to be completely honest here. This book is not at all as I had hoped. I wanted details about this tragic situation that was going on with children during this period in time. I felt it was more glossed over & that part of the story was lost to a sappy romance. Which I cared zero about. People can get help from someone without falling in love. That annoyed me.

I'm not saying it's a bad book by any means. I personally wanted more from the story that was inspired by historical events.

I received this book from Waterbrook & Multnomauh sent me this book to review for my honest opinion.

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