Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Few Updates

I have been slacking on the blogging lately. Let's see if I can swing an update....

Wonton has settled in very nicely to our family. If you follow me on social media you see him A LOT! He just celebrated his first birthday. And keeps growing! Haha!

I snapped some tendons in my right foot walking Wonton one afternoon in May. I was laid in, having to keep weight off of it & icing it. 
Then one Sunday it just didn't seem to be getting better. I even told D that I thought it was broken. I went to SOAK at church that night & during worship, I felt something change in my body. Then next morning I woke up & the pain was gone from my foot! It was healed! No pain since either! Glory!!!

D was at Beach Freak all last week. And he got to baptize one of the boys in his small group. Super emotional about that.

There is tons of other stuff that has happened. Life is busy & we love it!

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