Thursday, April 25, 2019

A New Family Member

I'm going to do a combo post to catch up on a few things & our newest family member.

First this happened.....

Over 19 years ago when I moved to LA, I was greeted by this little spunky, beyond hilarious light.Juby welcomed me with open arms. Making me feel loved & accepted. Plus making me laugh constantly. She would often join D & I on our dates & escapades throughout the South Bay. I would always think “is this real life?” When Juby moved to Alabama (the first time) I was ecstatic. That joyful delight of a chickadee was in my hometown of all places! I thought “is this real life?” We remained friends all of these years. Mostly keeping up with each other via social media as she made herself at home in different places around the world. Then all of her food photos, posts about her precious pup Wonton & her never ending sense of humor.
Today to get the phone call she had slipped from this earth, I can’t stop asking “is this real life?” were such a unique one of a kind wonder that graced those that knew you with something special that not just everyone possesses. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for loving life, even when it was difficult. Thank you for being Jubiliene. You are so loved! 

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Introducing our newest family member Wonton.
His mom is Juby, our incredibly precious friend that passed away a couple of weeks ago. If you know me, you know that Wonton was one of my first concerns. I really felt the Lord wanted Wonton to come live with us. Juby knows (it’s difficult to use past tense with her) just how much our furbabies mean to us. They are our children. We know she would love him coming to be a part of our family. 
He’s an Australian Shepherd mix that Juby adopted in August & he’s 10 months old now. We all know he is going to liven things up here on the mountain.
So welcome Wonton!!! You know that you will be seeing lots of him on social media! If you are a friend or family of Juby’s & want to keep up with Wonton feel free to friend or follow me.

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Wonton wants to know “how you doin’?”

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Since coming to our house on Monday, Wonton has been showered with extra toys & treats from Nana (my Mom) & Aunt Denise (in Chicago). He wanted to show off a few.

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Wonton wanted to show to family & friends his back yard. It’s full of big rocks, a cave & waterfall. Plus it backs up to a state park. Lots of wildlife to watch out for. He loves it! 

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I said “Let’s have prayer time.” And Wonton jumped in my lap. (Don’t mind my I’m cleaning house look.)

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I was going through Wonton’s adoption paper work & found his shelter photo. Look at this little fur ball!

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Just lounging today...

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Not sure, but I think I’m being stared at.

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Wonton & I have something in common...We both love to lay on air conditioning vents.

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Well, excuse me! I won’t disturb your Survivor watching for a photo anymore.

Here is just a small part of this very colorful room that I get to play in. I even have my own chair to sit & observe the creativity. I plan on painting a picture soon! Watch out world...the great arts of me are coming your way! -Wonton

Wonton has adjusted really well.The littles have too.Razzy & Rocco don't even seem to realize that he exists. Well, except for yesterday when Wonton kept trying to play with Rocco & Roc was having none of it. Hahaha!
Dottie tolerates him at this point. He just wants to play & she is not used to that. But each day is progress. Wonton is soooooo smart! Juby had only trained him with some tricks. But he picks up on commands super quickly. I even taught him to catch without realizing that was what I was doing. He is a sweet, sweet boy too! we have been taking him on daily walks so it's getting us out of the house too! Wonton is definitely a joyful addition to our home. 

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