Wednesday, March 06, 2019

I wrote this in 2007 on the 15th anniversary of my Granny's very unexpected passing at the age of 59.
Now....27 years after she left us, I'll repost my thoughts because they haven't changed.

15 years
Seems like yesterday
You were full of life
Always ready for a laugh
Always spoke your mind
Always stubborn as a mule
If there was a story to tell
You told it, over & over
Not leaving out one detail 
You were so strong
You had been through so much
You were the best cook
But not the best housekeeper 
You smelled of cigarettes & sweet perfume
You liked your casual pants with the pockets
But you liked your heels & pink lipstick too
You could play any game better than anyone
And you always seemed to win
You loved us in your own way
A way that is missed every single day
What would life be like, if you hadn't died
Think of all you haven't seen
All you haven't known
What would your thoughts be
What would you have said
So much reminds me of you
Like yesterdays sunset
The pale blue sky with the strokes of pink clouds
It's you saying "Hi!"
You were the one that told me
"The sky is just another piece of God's art work
No two days the same."
I miss everything about you
I love you more than you ever knew

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