Sunday, September 30, 2018

I thought that I would share a little of my story. Raised in church. Saved at 15. Ministry School. Ministry. Loved Jesus with my whole heart. Read my Bible. Listened to worship music. But bitterness had set in. It creeped in & before I knew it. Then I had spent years away from church. I never strayed from Jesus. My love didn't waver. But bitterness had encompassed my heart & my attitude. I became an excuse maker. An "I can be a Christian without church" person. I surrounded myself with others who were bitter, because ya know...misery sure loves it some company. 

Finally my eyes were opened & bitterness slowly began to release it's grip on me. The Lord used Bible Journaling & art to help with that. Then there was church. It became a part of my life again. Now it's my 2nd home. This morning as I walked the halls, foyer, sanctuary, coffee shop...I waved, greeted, blew air kisses, laughed & hugged person after person. My heart was so completely full of joy that it literally felt like it would just burst!

I felt the Holy Spirit nudged me to share this...don't waste time getting to your joy! No matter how much of a Christian you think you are, there may just be some junk standing in the way of all of the goodness that He has for you! I know that today I walked in what the scripture calls "Fullness of Joy." It's available to all of us. And it's completely worth getting to, no matter our circumstances.  💗
~Crystal Conner

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