Friday, March 23, 2018

A Light on the Hill ~ Book Review

I do believe that Connilyn Cossette holds the market on Bible Fiction. Her attention to detail is just amazing. I really enjoy the idea of the what it must have been like during that period in time. I honestly never really enjoyed Bible Fiction until reading her books. Her newest one "A Light on the Hill" book 1 from the "Cities of Refuge"is so good!
I am currently studying about the Israelite's & their journey to Canaan. It is interesting to see the way things could have been. This particular story follows Moriyah. Her face has been branded with the mark of the Canaanite god's. It is a reminder of her time in captivity. She always hide behind a veil because of the shame & also the judgement.
She never thought that marriage would be a possibility, until her father finds a widower who needs a woman in the home to help raise his two sons. Moriyah can only hope that she can charm them with her homemaking skills. But things don't go as she dreamed & she must flee for her life. This is a story of a woman's inner strength...The strength that come from the Lord.

I received this book from Bethany House to review for my honest opinion.

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