Monday, November 20, 2017

A Blog Update

Woah! It's been awhile since I have blogged! I have been so very busy with all things Scrooge. Then to top it off, I got bronchitis. I missed an entire week in a fever stupor. I'm now on my 2nd round of more powerful meds, which includes Prednisone. Can we say mean as an old wet hornet? Yep! That's me on that med. Yikes! Today I finally completed all of the Scrooge hats & all costumes are mended. And my house has been de-Scrooged. Hahaha! I still don't have my Christmas tree up! This is a travesty! I have never in all my born days waited this long to decorate. I'm thinking only the Pink Lucy tree will make it's presence known this year.

I haven't Bible Journaled since November 6th. And I feel like such a slacker with my "Worship in Color" class this season. I may not do the class in the fall anymore. It's too much with Scrooge. So I may just move it to Spring & Summer.

I just caught the blog up on everything from Facebook!

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