Saturday, July 08, 2017

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Day 8 "Loved" from @illustratedfaith "I Am" devotional kit.

Romans 5:8

The Stargazer Lily....I planted some bulbs last year after a precious friend sent me some them to me after difficult times that each of us had walked through. They are blooming now. I thought that our awful drought or the squirrels got them last Summer. But what a delight to see them spring from the ground! One of the blooms had broken from the long stem, so I brought it in & put it on my desk. It bloomed this morning! It's been inspiring me all day. The Stargazer....I am one of them. I stargaze almost every night. Even if it's for a few seconds. It's a way that I feel the deepest connection to Jesus. I feel the most grounded, free & loved when I am out there under the stars. He speaks to me & acknowledges me with the sky. I can't even begin to describe or count the times a star twinkled back. A heart shape cloud opened up to show a star. Aaaaahhhh.....He's so sweet & loving & good. I love how He loves me. And that I allow Him to love me & show me the way that speaks most just to me. He loves this unique human that he created, in my own unique way. How amazing is that?

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