Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Unveiling of Groovy!

There are tons & tons of photos, so I will not be posting them here, They are all in albums on my Love Pink Lucy Art FB page. You don't have to have a FB page to see them. There are a couple of albums. One is of the creation of Groovy & you get to see him come to life. I photo journaled the painting process. The other album is of the unveiling at Vulcan Park. The majority of photos in there were taken by my wonderful friend, Staci. She seriously outdid herself with them. So grateful she was there & that she brought her camera! Love her so much!

I am going to link the news articles & videos from the day here in this post. First though, I had more than one surprise on this day! As I was walking up to Vulcan, this woman walks up to me with 2 dozen roses & says "It's about time that you got here, I've been waiting 40 minutes!" I thought for a split second that she must think that I'm someone else. Then I realize that it's Denise! My friend that I have been emailing for about 10 years, but have never met in person! I started crying! I was overjoyed that she made the trip from Chicago just for the day for me! Still in shock over that! LOVE YOU DENISE!!!!!! But you already knew that! After the unveiling I got to spend a few hours with her before she headed back to the Windy City.

The other surprise is that I'M GOING TO LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND!!!!! I found out at the unveiling! I still haven't wrapped my brain around that one.

Here is the link to the story that was on our local CBS affiliate.

This is's news link.

Bham Vulcans FB page.

Groovy made the "Birmingham News!" He's so excited that he was having a good hair day!

Here Groovy is on Visit Vulcan website.

This is the video of the unveiling.

FB Live video of my talking about my crazy day!

Explanation of the symbols on Groovy.

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