Saturday, May 07, 2016

Honest post time....Mother's Day is now Mother's Day Weekend. Oh boy! Not. Mothers should be celebrated. And celebrated greatly! So please don't think I'm against that at all, for Heaven's sake. I was once accused by someone that I make Moms feel badly for having children, when I can't. That is never ever my intention. My intention is to shed light on those of us who live with a constant ache in our hearts, wanting with all of our might to be a Mom. It's for those who have suffered the loss of a baby. For those with empty arms, but hearts full of so much love to give. Mother's Day is the single most painful day for me of the year. Some years it's more painful than others. And this year seems to be hitting me harder than usual. So as you are celebrating with the little doo-dads your kiddos created for you. As you go to church tomorrow & are honored please take a second & think of us that are probably avoiding church, because the tears are too overwhelming. The pain too great. Whisper a prayer for us. And to those few friends that do acknowledge me & let me know they are praying for me...You will never ever know just how much your kindness & love means. Thank you for being sensitive. I still cling to Hope. Why? Because I have to.

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