Tuesday, May 31, 2016

See those Vulcan statues? They are a part "Vulcans on Parade" here in Birmingham. A couple of months ago I submitted a sketch to hopefully be chosen to paint one. Well, just about an hour ago I got the call...I was 1 of 10 artists chosen! But that's not all....Sit down for this part...Birmingham & Liverpool, England are doing a "statue swap" & MY STATUE IS THE ONE GOING TO LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND!!!!!!!! It will have a Beatles theme. They said they loved my artwork & it's perfect for this. I am in utter shock! My heart is about to pound outta my chest, I'm shocked & crying. Woo! If you know me, you know just how much I love England! Yellow Submarine, here I come! I have to have a new sketch in on Friday for approval. I'm stunned! When God says your word for the year is "fruitfulness" you better hang on. Just because heartbreak happens & it's still painful, it doesn't mean He isn't working. His plans are far bigger than we can imagine. Never stop dreaming. Never! I am blown away!

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