Saturday, April 30, 2016

Last night as I created my latest Bible journaling page I was in tears as it was an emotional topic. After I posted it, Illustrated Faith featured it on their Instagram page! I am so blown away! I cried a lot last night over God's goodness, His faithfulness & the love He lavishes on us.

I love how @lovepinklucy is working through the You're beautiful devotional!!! If you would like to try an illustrated faith kit this would be an amazing one to start with! To join us go to - click "shop" and click on the Dayspring banner at the top of the page - we would love to have you join us!!! #Repost @lovepinklucy ・・・ Day 2 in the "Illustrated Faith" ~ "You're Beautiful" devotional. Psalm 139:15-16 I'm an original. When I was younger I longed to fit in so desperately. I was overweight, frizzy haired, bucked toothed & completely insecure, then in the fifth grade glasses got added to that mess. I wasn't what the "in crowd" wanted. It took many years, an eating disorder & ultimately marriage to a sweet man for me to realize that I was OK to be me. Anyone who has known me for very long knows that I am not a trend follower by nature. I don't like to be like everyone else. I think that developed in me partially out of survival. But also God created me to be an original. And now I embrace it. Sure that little insecure girl is inside me waving her hand from time to time. But she's an original too. And I love her, because she helped create the woman I am today. Come her little Crystal....Let me give you a hug. #bibleartjournaling #illustratedfaith #bible #scripture #devotional #creativechristian #illustratedjournaling #biblejournalingcommunity #bibledoodling #artworship #jesus #worship #creativeworship #heartofworship #creatinginfaith #lovepinklucysbible #watercolors #washi #washitape #yourebeautifuldevotional #pinkflamingo #flamigo
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