Thursday, July 23, 2015

I just needed to tell you a little something....You need to be constantly aware of the whispers from the Lord. There was a little hiccup yesterday concerning the payment of my surgery. I, in my usual worry wart self, began to start to freak out. Mom & D both said the same thing. "God's got this. He's brought you this far & He's not going to let you down now." I spent the whole time this AM praying, while getting ready to go to Pre-op. As Mom & I were about to pull into the hospital the car in front of us had this car tag "God's Got Me." I saw that & all I could do was laugh with Jesus. He's got me & He showed up. On time as always! So, with that being said.....Whatever you are facing right now, know...even though you already do & doubt likes to creep in. Things seem overwhelming. Keep trusting. Watch for His signs....Feel His whispers on the wind & hear His shouts! He loves you beyond! And guess what? God's got you!

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