Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I keep a bowl full of dog cookies on the floor next to the water bowl so the bitty buddies can get a cookie whenever their little hearts desire. I had noticed that I was having to fill the bowl more frequently & I wasn't sure why, until the other night. Everyone was in bed asleep, when I hear a cookie being taken from the bowl. I get up, turn on the kitchen light to see the tiniest mouse running on his tippy toes with this massive cookie over his head! He ran with it the other end of the house. The next day D is in his Superman room & I hear him running & squealing through the house, because that little mouse had just ran under the door into the closet. We set a trap & caught the mouse. But D needed to check the closet to see if there were any cookies in there. He found 2 & he "D cleaned", know what I'm sayin'? So tonight, Razzy keeps smelling under the door. I open the door to see if Razzy can find another mouse. Razzy pulls out a cookie & another cookie & another cookie. (I take them away since they are mouse contaminated) I get on the floor with a flash light & discover a quite organized cookie stock pile! This mouse was getting ready for the Mousecalypse!

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  1. Too funny!!!! He had well over 2 dozen!!! He would have had a huge stockpile by winter! It's like Tom & Jerry! lol.


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