Saturday, December 27, 2014

Scenes From Our Christmas

Keith, Lindy & Mercy got to come home for Christmas & spent a couple of days with us. Since I am sick, I was banned from coming over until Christmas Eve. Hahaha! Mom, Mercy, D & I spent the whole time playing games. Mercy has grown up so much & I didn't want her to leave me! I wanted to kidnap her!

Auzzie is an old man now & doesn't like to come out of his cage for us. But Mercy charmed him & he kept coming out for her. He helped Mom makes some Santa ornaments.

Mercy has never played Apples to Apples & she loved it!

I didn't get very many good pics of us on Christmas morning. This sickness has knocked out my creativity.

A man & his bird

T-Rex Peaches.
She hated my camera & would do the "Cobra Sway" before she would attack it. Little mess!

We got the game "The Settlers of Catan."  Boy...It was stressful trying to figure out! We had to watch several youtube videos & tutorials. We "think" we got it. 

 As tradition D & I spent the whole day at Mom's. This is just as we were leaving. It was a wonderful relaxing day.

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