Thursday, December 11, 2014

First off, this is not an angry rant. I just feel like I need to speak up about something that has been on my heart, after talking with others. This hasn't happened recently, but there have been times that I have been asked about painting things & once I quote the price I have gotten this reaction..."Woah! That's a lot!" Or..."Uuuummm...Well, I guess I will need to save up some extra money." And then I never hear from them again. So let me break something down to you. The initial Doodles are on an 11x14 gallery style canvas. I charge $65. That $65 includes the price of the canvas, paint & brushes. Paint brushes wear out very fast. Especially the tiny ones that I have to use for all of that detail work. And each Doodle takes an average of up to 36 hours of my time. Now, who in their right mind is going to work an almost 40 hour work week for less that $65?!? I'm apparently not in my right mind (we already knew that!). Hahaha! But also each piece is a passion for me, it has my creativity & I do each piece with love. I don't just slap paint on a canvas to sale. Each one is personal to me. I do think I should charge more, but either I charge what I do & make some money. Or charge more & make nothing. Because I wouldn't have orders. This is a very small way that I can contribute to the well being of our household. I can say that this is a battle for anyone who is an artist, seamstress, baker/cake decorator, iron worker, wood worker, knitter, anyone that is a tradesman/woman who uses their natural talent/passions to try and be creative, but also make money. So, I want you to think about this...Next time you see something that I have painted, know that I have spent a lot of time on it. Next time you hire someone to make something for you, know that chances are you are getting a lot more than you are paying for. Sure, you can always go to Kirkland's & get a monogrammed letter for 50% off. But will it be an one of a kind original? One that is made with love?

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  1. 100% agree with you. I gave up trying to sell my beaded ornaments years ago. Each one took 25+ hours to hand bead. I used imported beads, sterling silver accent beads and swarofski crystals. They were very elaborate. I charged $50 for them. When I did an art show at the glass blowing studio I was blowing glass at ( to make the base ornament part) people gawked at the price. Thought nothing of the $65+ for the hand blown ornaments by my teacher, but thought my overlays were too expensive. Comments were "Martha Stewart sells them cheaper". Yes, she did and they were made in India and used cheap beads and thread and were GLUED together, not hand beaded. That is why she could sell them for $10.

    The flower headbands I sold SUPER cheap at $10 people thought were too expensive. Nordstrom's across the street sold plastic headbands with ONE silk flower glued on it for $25-30 and nobody thought anything about that.

    The snowman hats I made people... when someone saw one and asked how much and I said $25 they said "Oh no! Not for a hat that can get lost I can get one almost like it for $8" Yes she could, at Joanne Fabrics or a department store that is machine made with decals for eyes, nose, mouth. That's fine. That is about 8 hours I can do something else with. (I don't crochet fast as I am new to it).
    My friend who quilts says people are shocked when she says $250-300 for a custom quilt.

    Few people understand the cost and time that go into hand making things anymore. Yes, machines can do things faster and cheaper but they are less personal and less care/thought go into mass production. Something one of a kind always costs more.

    People who are crafters understand this best of all.


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