Saturday, December 13, 2014

Celebrating My 38th Birthday

Friday night, White Christmas was kicking off the Christmas movie series at The Alabama Theatre. We started the tradition back in 2010 & I can't miss it! Since D was going to be working my entire birthday, we celebrated at The Alabama.
Before we left, D gave me my gift. A sander! Woo hoo! I have been asking for one for longer than I can remember. He also brought me shrimp salad from Costco, to have to eat on my bday. I wanted that more than going out to eat. :)

It's the first time that it was just D & I at The Alabama & I gotta say....It was my favorite. The perfect date night. Thoroughly enjoyed it! And we were one of the first people in the door, so we got to walk around & enjoy the place before the crowds got there. We did run into some friends, so we chatted with them before the movie & they sat in front of us. So that was a fun surprise! Friends are a good thing. :)

I actually had the car today! So, I got out & did a little Christmas shopping alone. That does not happen often. But it sure was nice.

My sister friend, Staci, made this card for me. The BEST birthday card of birthday cards!

On the way home, I stopped by Joe's Italian & got a "little" piece of strawberry cake. 
It's been a sweet birthday. Thank you to all who made it extra special!

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