Saturday, November 01, 2014

Thankful Day #1

D said that I had to post this since I post his "stories." Here goes...I am putting up my Lucy tree. It is in 4 pieces. The top, middle, bottom & base. I remembered that last year the base came unglued from the bottom. When I went to put the piece of the tree into the base today, it didn't fit properly. I decided that some hot glue would do the trick & glued the pieces together. I then take time to fluff that part of the tree, but when I went to add the next piece, it wouldn't fit at all. I suddenly realize that none of the pieces will connect together....Why you may ask? Because I just hot glued the MIDDLE of the tree to the base!!!!! It took me awhile to get that sucker apart, but not without some praying & fighting with it. So, my Thankfulness Day #1 is that I'm thankful for times when I can laugh at myself for being a big ole dummy. And that I got those pieces apart, because Lord knows I can't have Christmas without my Pink Lucy tree!

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