Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Thankful Day #4 & 5

Thankful Days 4 & 5. I missed yesterday's post because this migraine has wiped me out...So I'm going to combine the days. I'm thankful for the natural curiosity that God has given me, even though sometimes it can be a curse. Haha! Somethings I wish I never knew! But with that being said....When I was a kid I can remember Mom buying the World Book Encyclopedias. I felt like we were the richest family in that moment. I treasured those books & I looked at each page over & over. I loved being able to go to that shelf in the living room & pulling a book out, then learning. Now...I Google everything! I can't read/watch anything without searching for people/places/words mentioned. I must know about it! I have been told that I come across as a "know it all" & honestly, I don't mean to. That's not my heart at all. It just comes from a place of not wanting mis-information to be out there. When I was the outcast 9th grader, I was sitting alone on a bench a little distance from the cool kids. They were talking about some movie & they couldn't figure something out. One of the guys, looked over to me & said "Ask Crystal. She knows everything there is to know about celebrities." It was the only time that guy ever acknowledged me. I was floored & flattered that he knew this about me. It boasted my self-esteem a bit. In that instant something sparked in me. I knew then, that I even though I was the weirdo & that was OK, I didn't have to be the dumb weirdo.

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