Friday, November 07, 2014

Book Review ~ To Everything A Season

I have been a fan of Laurine Snelling's writing for a long time. I love her Secret Refuge & Dakotah Treasures series. When I got this book, I didn't not realize that it was another part of the story of the Bjorklund family series of books. I haven't read of of those before, so I was a bit lost. But now I want to go back to the very beginning of this saga to learn about this family from the start. I absolutely loved the cover art of this book. It is stunning & draws you in, to want to know more.
This novel is set in 1905, in Blessing, North Dakota, which is a predominately Norwegian community, full of those that have migrated. The story is centered around a young man named, Trygve, who has decided to make his home in Blessing. And Miriam, who is a nursing student from Chicago. That is where her ailing mom & siblings live. She is torn between the new life she has found in Blessing & the old one full of responsibilities in Chicago. This story is about the struggle with matters of the heart & what the mind wants. It's a lovely read that makes you excited for the next in the series.

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