Monday, September 08, 2014

Recently, I began to "hear" the dripping of a leak under our house, while I stand in certain areas of the kitchen. I have even thought to myself "It's dripping a dip a second." Last week I opened one of the bottom cabinets & the dripping sound was much louder & this worried me more. I told D & we decided to wait to tell Danny (our landlord) about it, since they are dealing with the aftermath of their wreck. We didn't want to add more burden to him. But it still nagged at me & I prayed that the Lord would fix it. Last night I was cleaning the kitchen & I opened the drawer (that is above that cabinet) & the dripping sound was super loud! I looked down & there ticking away was a digital kitchen timer! THAT was our leak!!! I grabbed that thing & while Jesus & I had us a good laugh, I said, "Thank you Jesus for THIS leak!" See....The good Lord has a sense of humor too! I think I actually heard Him chuckle at me.

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