Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Let Him Uproot Us

Recently I transplanted a Hydrangea that came from a clipping of one of my Granny's. It was planted at Mom's house for about 20 years & she no longer wanted it. I couldn't bear to see it die, so I decided to move it to my yard.  It was no easy task. I tried digging & prying, but it was so deeply rooted it wouldn't budge. I mean, that was 20 plus years of roots holding on there. Against my better judgement, I took an ax to it. I chopped it into 3 huge pieces. I then immediately planted it. I put all 3 pieces back together in the ground. But there were no roots left after hacking it up. I just didn't know how this hydrangea would make it. So, I prayed over that thing. I sure did. I prayed. I pray about everything, why not this too? I spoke life to it (and still do, for that matter). I began to water & nurture it. But mostly I left it alone. It needed time to heal, if it stood a chance. And now...It is thriving! It has new growth on it!
Made me think about the Lord & how we don't need to be afraid to be broken...
Uprooted...Transplanted. Don't be afraid to let God untangle the roots. To uproot us, even if we feel like we have been chopped into with an ax. Let Him cut those roots off. There will be healing.
If He uproots us & pulls things apart in us, He's only doing it to move us. Don't worry, He's going to shower us with His love, speak life into us, so that we can thrive again. And bloom where He plants us.

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