Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scripture For the Year

At the beginning of every year I ask the Lord to give me a scripture that will be the scripture for the year ahead. I usually seek those that have to do with something hopeful or cheerful. Those sorta things, so that the year can start off light & airy. This year, He struck me with a scripture that is exactly something that He has been dealing with me on a very quiet level. You see, I have a problem...And it's something that I have been allowing Him to change for the last few years. He has been chiseling away at my heart. I have a tendency to become bitter about certain things. And bitterness is a horrible evil. Once it takes root...It can make it's way into the far reaches of your soul. And it begins to choke the life out of even the smallest things. I am way, way better than I was years ago...But I am still changing. Praise the Lord for changing! Along with bitterness, it's nasty cousin of stubbornness is around the corner. Now, sure being stubborn about some things isn't so bad. Stubbornness can drive you to reach goals in your life. It can make you stand your ground on your beliefs & not back down. But it can also make you unwilling to ask for help. It can make you unwilling to have compassion & see the other side of an issue. It also can bring along unforgiveness. I come from a long line of bullheaded, stubborn people & I have seen first hand the impact of how being that way can have on a person's life & those around them. And I don't want that. It's something that I have struggled with & committed to the Lord on many occasions. I long to be in tune with my Jesus. I want to hear His voice. The gentle whispers that only come from Him. I want to be able to walk in the direction He is nudging me. I know that life & circumstances....My attitude, bitterness, whatever the situation, can drown Him out. I want to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I had a dream recently...I'm not going to share it, but I do know that God is stirring something deep within me. There are some things that are brewing. Places He wants to take me & my stony, stubborn heart, won't allow for those things to take place. He has been weeding out those roots for years now....And is replacing it with a tenderness & hopefully responsive heart. Oh! And the more I read this scripture, I realize it is hopeful! Who wants a stony, stubborn heart, anyway?

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