Monday, December 02, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

I started the day out watching the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade." And I got upset when I missed Santa's arrival!!!! I had gone outside with Razzy. But thank goodness for the DVR & I was able to rewind. It is a MUST for me to see Santa. After that we headed to my Aunt's house & had Thanksgiving in the barn.

Checking out the Black Friday deals!

Photo bombs

Her Native American name...Elder Fat Kat Princess Flower Butt

Bucky sticking his tongue out at me. :)

The "Cup Song."

I downloaded the app "Heads Up!" before we got there. I see Ellen play it on her show all of the time & thought it would be fun. OH. MY. HEAVENS! It was the best idea ever *patting myself on the back*! Ha! We played that all day long & laughed until we were in pain. I have uploaded 20...YES! 20 videos on youtube. Here is one of the funniest! Enjoy......


Then is was Black Friday. This year so many stores opened on Thanksgiving & there was no getting up at the hiney crack of dawn to stand in line. So we slept in & met at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

Then hit the stores.....

Elder Fat Kat with the tiniest Fat Kat EVER!

Selfies in the bathroom mirror...A request from Donna!

Saturday was the Iron Bowl & what a delight it was!!!!!! Auburn won!!!!! I wish I had thought to video my reaction. D had to go to working during the game so I was home alone. I could NOT stop screaming "OH MY GOSH!!!" And I have never in my life cried about a ball game, but the tears were a flowing. Actually every time (which are more times than I can count) I watch the video below I tear up. 


Amber & Ashtyn got to be there for all of the celebrating! So jealous! But excited that they got to be there to experience it!

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