Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Birthday & White Christmas

We have gone to The Alabama Theatre, with Leland, for the last 4 years to see "White Christmas." This year I was soooo excited that it happened to fall on my actual birthday! D ended up having to work, so just Leland & I went to see the movie. We were all sad he wasn't there with us...It just wasn't the same!

This year we sat in the top balcony. I had never been up there before, but I think I found my new favorite spot. Except not on the front row of the balcony, where my fear of heights got to me again & I had a panic attack. So we had to move back a few rows.

I never thought I would ever see Mr. Leland with a smart phone. He has fussed since I met him about people with their newfangle telephone devices. Hahaha!

Hootie made the big screen again this year! Gary the organist said "Leland is in here somewhere & with him is his friend Crystal, who goes by the name "Hootie." DON'T ASK!" And the whole place started laughing! Hahaha!

*sigh* You have never loved this movie more until you have experienced it on the big screen at The Alabama.

My favorite song, dress, by Edith Head, everything...."Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me."

We didn't have D to take our pic this year, so we asked a nice fella. I think our pic turned out good. Love the tree reflecting in the mirror.

LOVE THIS! The Alabama, White Christmas AND my birthday! 

This is The Lyric. It's old theatre that they are revitalizing. The marquee was recently added. And it's beautiful shining brightly across from The Alabama.

D & Leland always get their pic made in front of the buildings....No D this year. Wah!

When I got home, D was there waiting on me with a gluten free carrot cake, that he got from The Funky Muffin (an all gluten free bakery)! And it is mighty yummy!

He also gave me these 2 Willow Trees. He usually gets me one for my birthday, but didn't last year. So he made up this year. Plus he said they were on sale! Hahaha! But he did tell me that they are his favorite thing to buy me, next to Lucy stuff. 

It was a lovely day.

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