Monday, December 30, 2013

Levi's 1st Birthday Party/Family Christmas Party

This year we celebrated our family Christmas party after Christmas. Everyone's schedules are extra crazy this time of year & since we were all going to be together for Levi's party, we decided to just carry our partying over into the Christmas get together.

Scenes from Levi's party!

Sister share lipstick!

The photographer & the VERY happy birthday boy!

 Scenes from the Christmas party!

Photo Bomb

We did a sub sandwich bar, which I loved! I don't eat bread, so I made a sandwich wrapped in lettuce (Thanks Auntie D for bringing the lettuce!) & it was so good! I wouldn't mind doing that next year, to be honest. ;)

Mom, Danny, Chad, Paw & Sandy had all left before we took our annual family pic.

Renee, Jimbo & there grandbabies....I love all of these pics, so I had to post them.

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